LoL Everytime I think that the worst has happened and things will start looking up……

Yesterday my husband lost his job. Its the first time in his life that he has ever been fired. I feel so bad for him. They tried to get him to take this job for over a year, then he finally says yes, we move here, and they fire him. He feels awful. I'm trying to help him as best as I can. I pointed out that there are so many things around the house that we could use him for right now.

I am going to have to find a job. He gets paid for another two weeks so I am hoping that I can find one quick!! I dont make as much as he did but close. If I can get a little overtime here and there…..and we tighten the budget a lot…….and we sell a few things we have been meaning to sell anyway……and he gets unemployment in a few weekss…..I think things will be alright.

Also, yesterday my last close friend (meaning someone who knows me well and has known me longer than 6 months) let me know that she just cant be supportive. LoL yay for me!! I love her like family but I am so very tired of people doing this to me. I am there for them. When I need help they go. I have a really awful outlook on friendship right now. I am rather hurt and fed up and just not really interested in letting anyone get to know me very well anymore. Sigh.

I do have good news though. My Grandpa went into the doctor yesterday and they gave him some injections to boost his red blood cell production, gave him a transfusion, some lasix, and today he is feeling so much better. Grandma says he is not sleeping all day and is able to walk around a bit. 🙂 Dodged that bullet for a while longer!!!

Today the kids, husband and I felled 12 dead trees in our yard, cleaned out the underbrush and trimmed up a bunch of other trees. We had to clean up the area around the house like that for the fire insurance people. Hopefully we did enough to get coverage. If not we will be back out there! It was good to be outside working together and I think it was good for the kids and husband to wear themselves out a little too.

I am feeling much better after my surgery. My swelling is down but I am still very bruised and sore. I can eat alright though. The stitches look pretty good. After working so hard this morning I am exhausted and am going to sneak a nap while my husband and son get fencing supplies in town.


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