Hey members of Depression Tribe! Long time, no blog post. It’s crazy how time flies. Almost 6 years ago I joined this website, feeling defeated and lost. I'm not here to brag or to make anyone feel down. I just feel like it’s necessary for me to write this blogpost, even if no one reads it. I feel like it will be a good reminder for the next time I log on here when I’m sad and have lost hope.

But for the people who have stumbled upon this post, I hope you read it with an open mind. I just came here to spread a little positivity, if anything. Since I was 10-11ish I've been struggling with depression and anxiety. Years later, around 15 years old, I found this website. I met some cool ass people I could relate to. I found new music and a new perspective for life. Although my depression didn’t automatically vanish, i felt more at ease that I wasn’t alone. Also, more aware of my disorder and other psychiatric disorders as well. I started falling off of this website (as did a lot of people, seems like barely anyone is on here anymore *sad emoji*).For all my friends whom I met off of here, I hope you all are happy, or at least in a better place than you were years ago.

Six years later and i can truthfully admit that I’m not "cured" from this vicious cycle of anxiety and depression; but Iam 40x better than Iwas back then. I'm not a doctor, a professional, or anyone special, but Iam a person who can relate in some slightpart to the rest of you who are going through a tough time emotionally. Things will get better. I know you've heard this a million times but it’s true. I recently gained a whole new perspective to life. I'm so appreciative. Although my anxiety is still bad, and I’m pretty sure I’ve developed a ED; depression wise, I’m a lot better. I was wrong about life in a sense that Ithought Iwas going to be in this shallow hazy pondforever. Things get better. I’m a lot happier now than i use to be.

Please meditate, read self-help books, talk about the way you feel (whether it’s to a friend online, in person, parent, consoler ect), listen to a shit ton of music, dance, draw, paint, sing; Even if you aren’t "good" at it. Go for drives, blast your favorite customized Pandora station. Take pictures of people, yourself, food, and buildings, anything that makes you happy and brings joy to your life. Enjoy our sky. Our moon. Our Earth is so beautiful. Wear what you want, do your hair and makeup the way you want. Follow people who inspire you. Be free. Life is so invigorating when you start living for yourself.

We are so lucky to be humans. Remember there’s no right way to live your life and everyone else’s expectations don’t matter. I know it’s hard to keep that mindset especially if you have negative people around you, but you are so special. forreal. Iwant you all to eventually have a new love and appreciation for life as Ido. Even when my days get bad, I know things will get better. I know this because Ihave that power to try to make things better. So yeah. I just felt the need to motivationally vent to myself. I hope you are all doing better. Even to the new people on this site.


If any of you need someone to talk to, or vent, or just want a new friend.. feel free to add me on instagram or snapchat! I love meeting and talking to new people.

Insta: maimoonie

Snap: moonpoop

  1. sun 5 years ago

    Good read, thanks

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  2. troubelled 5 years ago

    Ty for this😊😊

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  3. troubelled 5 years ago

    Ty for this😊😊

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