My friends have been dragging me out to clubs. If that sounds hilarious to anyone, keep in mind I actually have no shame and am not shy with people whose opinion I don't care about. I am really not interested in the standard club-goer, and I hate the players AND the game. However, one day I will meet the girl of my dreams, since she is my perfect match, she will also hate the game, but as intelligent as she is, will certainly be aware of it. If all I can do is stammer and cling to her, she is going to walk away and fuck the guy doing magic tricks across the bar. So I am just out there for the experience, but that doesn't mean that the constant rejection still doesn't hurt like hell, the way it always has.

After hours of sparkling conversation with every eligible female in the club, a girl who was totally more my type walked up and gave my wingman her phone number. I mean I was just there for practice anyway, but I was irrationally upset that I'm still not carrying myself as well as he always has, because to my mind I'm so alpha. Yet he's still stepping on my cues as he has since high school.

Maybe I just need a better wingman, this guy in social situations is absolutely useless tbf. He keeps telling me this is so hard, I can't do this, and he wasn't even putting himself out there, yet he is the one who gets approached as we were about to leave. The whole night I'm helping him out, trying to talk him into speaking to someone, asking him to help me get that girl's phone number by hitting on her friend, etc. He basically stood there the entire time. He did join one conversation and slickly chatted with the obstacle. But he didn't have any openers. He was obviously not interested in initiating conversation with anyone. I mean the whole reason we were standing at the bar next to the girls who were dancing with each other was because of my eye and then theone I'd spotted who wasn't with anyone approached him.

It's all fine and good, I meanthe lady made her (predictable) choice. Her friend came over to make out with her, of course, as she proceeded to grind on me while slinging game at him. It was the requisite attempt at making him jealous, but her friend was busily making out with some other guy the whole time and all he did was give me a look, so the whole effort was extremely pointless. Idk what is wrong with females in clubs, or me for that mater. Probably need to be more spontaneous.

Well, I'm trying again tonight. Back on the horse with a new Tonto, a Brit I just met. Hope he turns out better.


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