this site is only one of a very few that does not have tones of people that are so far up their own arse so glad I found this one.

I really don’t understand why I can go on any of these so called dating sites and I get avoided like I have some nasty disease. All I do is message people for a nice chat and asking how they are or what they have been up to and what do I get? Nothing and I mean nothing I have one site I am on that tells you if people have read your messages and if they have deleted your messages. The amount of times I have sent messages and not got one back even though I know they have read it is more than depressing. It makes me feel like well there is no other word for it I feel like the scum of the earth. I have had many messages I have sent on their deleted even before they have read them as well.

So you know what I am thinking I should just delete all my profiles as they get me feeling so low that going online now feels like a chore and is never a fun thing.

I just wish there were more nice people out there not all these girls that think they are god’s gift when the only thing they have going for them in their lives is they might be good looking but inside they are all total bitches.

I wish they could live one day in my shit body and then they might see that just because you’re not good looking does not mean you’re not worth a message back. I just hate these stuck up cows that take one look at a sodding pic and then delete your message I just wish they would all grow up and see that if I message them saying hey how are you it does not mean I like them in that way anyway as most of them have their heads so far up their own arse that the can see out their own mouths.


  1. millie 13 years ago

    hey there! im a girl but i still know exactly wat u mean about stuck up bitches, not thru dating websites but i see them everywer wether its wen i go shopping or taking my kids to school or watever. they look down their noses at every1 else as if they r better than the rest of us. + its just cos they think they r beautiful, well they rnt, to be beautiful on the outside u must be beautiful on the inside 2.

           iv had a realy  good idea though= if ur planning on taking ur profile off the dating sites then ithink ushould leave a messeage 4 the stuck up bitches, tell them wat u put in ur blog here, let them know that u were only asking them how they were cos u wanted a friendly chat not to jump in2 bed with them. say that u thought those sites were meant to be full of friendly girls not shallow selfabsorbed girls.

     hope u do it. all the best anyway,  millie xx

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  2. lovemeiris 13 years ago

    lol… millie is bad 😀 but so right. Give them a piece of your mind. There”s plenty of people here to befriend and know exactly how you feel. Hope you feel better. ((((((((hugs))))) ~.*Iris*.~

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