Last night, I could not sleep.  I went to bed at about 1 and just woke up at  3:30.  It was like I knew something was wrong.  Every noise I heard, I would get up and check on my daughter.  Finally, I gave up and tried to sleep on the couch.  At around 5:40, I was jolted out of my sleep by my daughter hysterical cry and gasping for air.  I got to her room to find her on her knees looking down at her hands.  At first I thought she got sick, but realized that was not right.  She has had croup and she was still gasping for air.  But, usually she will have "croup attacks" in the winter or when there is a change in the weather.  Summer is still going strong down here.  I brought her to the couch and I am trying to talk to her.  Asked her what hurts, she said her neck. I took her temp, but it was normal.  She was also talking about her "ant bites."   She does have a few bug bites we have been putting medicine on. 

She continued to be hysterical and would not let me touch her hands.  I was really panicking at this point cause nothing was making sense. I woke my husband and he tried talking to her.  Finally he asked if she wanted us to wipe her hands.   She said yes.  So he got a warm rag and towel wiped her hands, feet and tummy as directed by her.  Afterwards, totally different child.  She was calm and was chatting away.  She never went back to sleep either. So, we can only assume she had such a horrific dream that it took her a while to come out of it.

I have been a wreck replaying the scene in my mind all day.  I am so exhausted but afraid to sleep.  Thank you for listening

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  1. katyellis76 12 years ago

    wow sounds scary im sure you were panicing i mean what parent wouldnt if their child is screaming and crying and you dont know the reason why im glad shes ok and im sorry you didnt get any rest hope you got the good nights rest you need tonight – kate

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