you can find the world in a grain of salt. you can eat it up, you can spit it out, you can frown and wonder why its so sour, or you can add to your hideous thoughts and devour the added flavour. you can give one reason to believe in this world, and believe its given you everything. but is it really the world, is it really what you stand on thats given you everything you wanted? dont lie to yourself, you lying donkey. the world hasnt given any thing to you. you’ve given all that dog mess to yourself, so why are we blaming the world for it?

you know when the day of judgement comes, the witches are going to be set free. forget the demons, because they can be destroyed, but the witches? they’re immortal, if you really thought they weren’t how do you think they survived through god’s land all this time?

we are going to be given a golden ticket. and based on that, we will make a choice. are we going to run to god’s big event, or are we going to hide from our mistakes and our problems, and try to see what the witches can offer us? watch that gold ticket turn into dust, and then you’ll regret not running like the smart idiot who ran to the gates beside you.

i want to dedicate to the demon inside myself, the one who can be destroyed, but keeps running like a coward from me. i want to tell you when that day comes, im not going to surrender. i’m going to kill and watch you spit our your hideous, perverted thoughts out of me. you raped me at gunpoint, the gun pointing from the inside of my head, to the outside. you thought you could take that little whole, and rip me open and run away? i might kill myself right now, but i’m not going to open up for you when god says his final word



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