Ever get them feelings where you just feel everything goes wrong. You just have periods where nothing can go right for you no matter what you do. This week has been that period where I'm just having long, drawn out, stressful days where something is happening all the time. Just want this period/chapter to end so I can move on with stress free times.

I haven't even gone into it all. I've been on holiday for 13 days to Italy, travelling alone to 7 different cities sightseeing. The trip was luxurious. However, there were a few hiccups along the way; my suitcase got grabbed off me at the train station (I got it back), one of my trains weren't even real so I had to find two alternate trains insteadwhich took twice as long and meant I was missing time to sightsee, my suitcase then decides that it wants to break on me (the wheel actually burnt from wheeling it everywhere), I get bit by a dog (luckily not actual cut just red mark), I buy a new suitcase to only find that when I've got to UK airport the wheels have been completely ripped off! My bad luck doesn't end here though as the curse continues with me having to lift and carry 30kg of weight (I weigh around 50kg) from the airport to the coach as I live just under 200 miles from the airport. I then get told at 11:30 pm I am not allowed aboard the next coach due to it being fully booked up and me only holding a open ticket. I then get told I can get this coach and it took me until 3am to arrive where I live to then have to wait for a taxi and finally get home at 4am. I have managed to tear a muscle in my shoulder which carries pain to both my next and back due to me carrying over half my weight for hours everywhere. It doesn't just stop there. I pay my insurance but they don't want to accept it and pay out for injury aswell as the content they broke. Pisses me off. Then on top of that, all thats gone off with everything else I been posting about.

I'm just getting so wound up now. I still feel I'm on some sort of curse and it ain't ending soon.


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