I am feeling so so good right now. Nothing can bring me down today. I have dressed myself up in a nice dress put make up on washed my hair and done it all nice. I feel wonderul for it. Hoping my hubby will like what he see's when he comes home.

I have been very productive today got today's and tomorrows jobs all done in 3 hours I am speedy today.

One week today I get to visit my daughter I can not wait , one day I shall tell you all the story of how I lost her but not now as I feel good and want it to last, did I mention I feel good lol.

I want to go dancing and beleive me I can NOT dance!! I want to run naked in the rain!

Oh I forgot to say I also painted my nails a bright ruby red and put make up on even though it's 10pm here like I said it's all for my hubby's benefit.

We are trying for a baby have been for three years and tonight I want to be special if you get my meaning 🙂

I would love to bottle this feeling and sprinkle it onto everyone so you all felt good. 😀

I took loads of pics but can't upload them on here as they are too large when Iuse my camara and my hubby has my mobile which i can use to uplaod on here. So annoying lol

Anybody else who has bipolar do you get the sensation of your insides jumping up and down when you are manic because that is just how I feel right now lol I want to physically jump up and down. I used to do that and cart wheels but my living room is not big enough for the cart wheels lol jumping though is another matter. With that I shal bid you all goodnight and sweet dreams.


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