My day to day is simple. Im a single mother of one. I have a fiancé and he has a daughter. I love her like my own. The only issue is that we live states away. Julian and I live in New York. T and his daughter live in Mi. So until he gets here (any time now!) I am living with my parents. Its convienant and they love Jules so much. The help is nice. So Im a stay at home mother. For those of you who know this life #thestruggleisreal.

I am home day after day, like its groundhogs day. I own a xbox one and a PS4. So I game when I can. It helps me stay sane. This situation sounds like a dream to some. Although when your an addict.. It doesnt seem so delightful. I become depressed if I am not “doing” something. Even when there is plenty to do. Normally its the same routine- Wake up with the baby. (Clean)Let the dog out. Feed them.(clean) Nap time. Feed them.(clean) Let the dog out. Put the baby to bed.

I have started broadcasting. I enjoy it a lot and it helps. I also have a youtube channel. I go back and forth between the two. Then I game. Or paint. I LOVE to paint. I have studied art, for about 12 years now. I need to do something more.. I feel like this all the time. But what is it? I’ve also been paying a lot of attention to my spirituality lately.. Thinking that it would help. The lord has always been a step ahead of me, and ready to trip me up when i need it.

Do you have these feelings? Can you relate? Im about to re-do my sons room again.. For the sake of something to do that will make me feel accomplished.



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    daisydame222 7 years ago

    But its like- I already have things to do.. Why must i procrastinate so long.. And dont get me wrong, i do DO a lot all day.. just not what I should be I guess. And thank you, for the reply. 🙂 I hope that you too are finding lil things to do to keep sane. I feel like I have two kids, my dog acts just like my son sometimes, i think what?! Lol

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