Hi. I am Alexandra. I have OCD. I have been tormented most of my life about my appearance. By friends, family and coworkers. I could never be thin enough, shapely enough. My hair could never be perfect enough, neither could my makeup or nails be. Heaven forbid I buy something on sale. That is just unheard of where I live. It really came to a head tonight. My mom and I have never been that close. The family says she grew up with me and my grandmother was the mom. And it's very true. Just when I finally put my foot down and said, I like what I see in the mirror. I am comfortable with myself. My mom has to offer me a boob job and a personal trainor, because of the extra weight I am still carrying after giving birth to my daughter, 3 and a half months ago. I am so sick of everything being strictly based on appearance. That isn't fair. I would never say things like that to anyone. And I would never/will never say something like that to my child. There are different types of "beautiful", in my opinion. There are people that do good deeds left unsaid and kept to themselves. There are people who listen and have compassion towards others. There are people that have lived a life of hell, one bad thing after another…and still smile and want to be polite and do good for others. To me those are beautiful people. Beauty is just skin deep. Most of the friends I had in highschool, that I no longer talk to now, were gorgeous. But only on the outside. As far as their personalities went, they were cruel to others. Very cruel. One of them even started targeting me the most, and I had to switch over to another school. And now surprisingly, that same girl in a 3rd grade teacher for underpriviledged children. My point in the matter is that, I am a good and honest person. I am comfortable about my appearance. But my mom really has to stop with that stuff. Anyway I'm off my soap box now. Heh.

  1. SopheandAlex 11 years ago

    Thank you, very much. That meant so much to me 🙂

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  2. Annabelle86 11 years ago

    Looks only matter to a certain point.  I have to remind myself of this every day when I look in the mirror and see that one eye is still smaller than the other, I still have a flabby belly, and my hair is sticking up in that one place. People dont care, they just want me to be nice to them, and I can handle that. Im glad that you are comfortable with your appearance, its something we should all strive for.

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