Hello, one and all! You can call me Poppet, and I just wanted to say one little thing to start us off: everyone here, no matter where you’re from or what you struggle with, is perfectly valid! See, we as humans always spend so so much time comparing ourselves to others. We look to the past to see the greatest of inventors, we look to the present and compare ourselves to brothers and sisters, whether by blood or otherwise, and of course we look to the future with the belief that nothing can really change. In truth, though, that’s never been true! While it may be small and while it may take a while, the beautiful thing about this world is that it’s all constantly changing. And if anyone takes the time to read this far: thank you so much! And it may be a small thing, but I’d like you to reach out and talk to me about all the struggles you have! That’s all for now, take care and have a good night everyone! (Oh and I’ll try my best to put some of my favorite artwork on my posts!)


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