My friend says she is afraid she will “lose her identity” by doing the steps.

She's afraid she will become an AA “clone”.
“To Thine Own Self be True” has a defiant ring coming from her lips.

I recognize it. I know it. That was me too….I wear a bracelet on which it is engraved.

But in the beginning what it said was, “I'm right, you are wrong…you don't know me.”

Today's “Each Day” quotes Janet Joplin:

“Don't compromise yourself, you're all you got.”

It says (paraphrased): [i]”When we don't know who we are it's easy to compromise…our values are cloudy or we are not even aware of them…In the twelve step program we are given a way to know ourselves…..we make friends who support us in finding our true self. …we all know the tiny twinge of shame that locates itself in our solar plexus when we go along or give in on a personally important issue…we pay a consequence…over the years we have lost many bits but today we have a choice.” [/i]

That has been my experience of working the 12 steps; I have realized and rediscovered my “true colors”. I now have a clear and realistic vision of who I was and what I have done…..but more importantly, I know now who I am, who I want to be and what I want to do with my life. Today I have purpose. It is very different fromthe one I came in with.

A sponsee, sober two weeks, wants to start/invest in a new business. We are told not to make any big changes, in the first year. She wonders why. [b]This is why.[/b]

Today I will have an opportunity to be true to myself… to take steps with my HPs assistance, toward finding my own personal truth. I will recognize and take advantage of that opportunity today. I need not compromise my self OR my God.

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  1. Joani 16 years ago

    This is great I concur with you!! Lets see who we are before we start making plans for ourselves, once we know us we can make an educated goals about what to do with ourselves. But before then all bets are off!!

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