i am up at 4 am for no good reason. i enjoyed the college football games yesterday despite watching them alone…well with my pups!

i am hoping to fall back to sleep for a while as i need to go food shopping this morning which i usually do not do on the weekend. i am not a big fan of change in my routine. i usually shop on mondays but i ran short of food this weekend. o well i'll make it through and get it over with already.

i am hoping to go to a friends today to watch the pro games. i have not heard from him yet but he usually text's me in the late morning and we watch the red zone channel.

i am starting the gym on monday morning with a neighbor. i need to get back in shape and this is a start. i hope i can stick to the plan. i am a personal trainer by trade but have slacked off workinjg out since i became ill with depression. i know i will feel better after a good work out but i need to make this a habit. a healthy habit. i am thankful for my neighbor for pushing me (gentley) into trying to work out again.

i have to sit down and pay the monthly bills this morning. another job i dread as the money goes out as fast as it comes in. usually more bills than cash on hand to pay them.

i am coming close to the decesion of moving out of my home. i do not like the idea but i do not see much of a choice. the mortage payment, homeowners insurance, taxes, misc. fees (recycle, sewer, trash and the like make it hard to stay here). being on a fixed income sucks.

well that's it for now. back top bed and try to fall asleep……

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  1. MusicHelps 9 years ago

    Hope you get back to sleep , sounds like you have a busy day ahead

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