been so angry today ! had group today whihc was good to start of with but then i asked this question and i felt soo stupid for not understanding the answer tha they gave me it just made me angry ! which isnt good , but on top of that i went to work after and my boss was having a go at me because my time sheet for last week wasnt in the tray, i put it in there but sometimes they fall behing the cabinet etc and so obvisly not in the tray, anyways explained to my boss that i honestly put it in there and she dosnt beilive me and it jsut arghh yeh i hate that place, do so much work for them put in the hours etc and get nothing but telling off back! then because i wasangry i had a goat my dad trying to explain to him that i feel crappy today and he didnt get why because he dosnt understnad me and my moods etc so felt guilty for that! managed to speak to him when i was calmer and thats good now but still hate myself for doing that tho! just over all a crap day. oh yeah and heard nothing from the boyfriend all day again and when i did text him he took forevver to replie and when i said i had a crap day he hasnt even asked why… starting to think im out of site out of mind and he only wants to know when im there because well hell im a girl and why do guys want girls just to sleep with fuck wanting to care about them! sorry this i a bit of a rant just arghh so much going on at once and just struggling ! but on plus side i have manged to not hurt myself whihc is a major struggle but i know ill be better for it in the morning! x


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