It's nice out today but I'm in a foul mood. I got into another argument with the ex last night and have, once again, withdrawn and isolated myself. I have one more class and it's testing my patience simply because the kid next to me is the most obnoxious, lazy SOB I've seen to date.

First, he clings to his laptop like it's life support. You can hear him typing away throughout the duration of the entire class and it's obnoxious. I was hoping the professor would tell him to stop since he doesn't want people surfing the net while in class but he didn't. Here's to hoping he does, at some point, tell him to stop…

Then, he kept moving. Fidgeting, shifting, knocking against the table constantly. Tapping his foot, causing the table to practically vibrate. It got so annoying that I had to push myself away from the table so I couldn't feel it anymore.

And now he's sitting next to me in the hallway with his laptop out chewing on ice with his mouth open.

Hell, he kind of annoyed me the first day we had class, that's how annoying of an individual he is. Our final assignment has three options and one of them is creating our own graphic novel. This kid walks up to the professor and asks if he can work on it with friends…why does he get to have someone else do his homework while the rest of us work alone? Why not ask if you can have help on your final exam while you're at it?

It doesn't help that he looks like one of those chubby, pale, socially inept kids that almost tries to be annoying to everyone around him. It just irks me to no end…so much so that I had to pull out my own laptop to write out my frustrations when I'd rather be reading. I only got about 5 minutes into my book before I had to put it down. The kid just won't stop chewing with his mouth open. I can only imagine dinner time at this kid's house… *cringe*

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    Sounds like your obnoxious class mate is displaying OCD symptoms.

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