I have been drinking A n W Rootbeer like crazy today. Its like candy, Went grocery shopping took my Dakotas step mother with me. I get along with her just fine, I am glad there are no issues, I even watch Dakotas baby brother sometimes. I love Dakotas grandma her dads mother, she and I are super close, and I think all of us getting along with no drama and able to share our kids so that they have a really close relationship is very beneficial for both of the babies and for Dakotas grandma. We do not have this weird relationship thing and people look at us funny when they find out our kids are siblings and we are out shopping together, and she is with the dad and I am not but we all get along and can say I love you and mean it with out it meaning anything more. Not too many people can do that I guess. I opt for no drama and what is very best in my daughters life and that is being good role models and being able to be a family.

Hit the sales at Vons aka Safeway. the store is expensive but when they have a great sale, its on like Donkey Kong. Took up the art of making my own bread and tortillas also using my slowcooker a lot. I used to hate to cook and microwaved everything but now I enjoy cooking. I have to admit I am not very creative and follow recipes most of the time but I have been known to throw my own spin on things. When its good its VERY good but when its bad, I toss it out and make something else. If I am not willing to eat it, I surely am not going to expect others to eat it…. When its bad, IT IS HORRIBLY INEDIBLE. Well Going to try to get some rest and not be on here too long. You folks have a wonderful night and a beautiful morning and an AMAZING day tomorrow… Peace and Love April


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