When i first got clean my kids were 2 and 3. they are now almost 22 and the oldest is obviously going on 24. my son is sitting in lemon creek prison in juneau Ak for felony possession. i have not heard from him since i was up there to celebrate my 20 year NA birthday last july. my daughter came down here to AZ 3 years ago and me and one of my sponseee’s and his wife helped to get her off heroin. July of 2008 i walked her down the isle to get married in Las Vegas. one of the things i wanted to accomplish while still alive and clean. she called me last night and told me her husband had left her because she would not get clean again. when she called me today i had to use tough love on her. something that is so hard for a father to do. i told her the only thing that is going to get her off to the right start is by going to an inpatient 30 treatment program.

most of all she has to be selfish and do this for her. not for her husband, not for me or her mother but for her. i also told her to call me everyday or twice a day until she can get from AK to OR for the treatment program. her husband does not believe that he has a problem but that is his problem not hers. she has got to concentrate on her self, leave her friends behind because they are all users and losers. i told her not to call me if she uses or drinks. but to call me before she picks up. i can’t do shit for her if she is loaded. at least if she is semi clear headed she can understand what i am trying to say to her. so please my tribe family her name is Shauna and she is my babygirl please just add her to your prayers. stay clean and be good to yourself.


NA hugs,



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  1. jjrocksarizona 12 years ago

    no my daughter and i talked today and i was straight up with her that it’s this or a life so full of misery that i can only remain an example. she os old enough to make her own choices and must do so after praying and meditating on them. the last thing i would do is enable either one of my kids. i will go to the ends of the earth for them and with them if they get clean and stay clean. they have both been to many meetings in their early years.

    i have gotten my daughter clean more than once. this is nothing new but it’s time for them to realize that they have chosen to walk the path they are walking right now. i appreciate your suggestions and respect your time in recovery and any other words you think might help me please don’t hold them back. stay clean and be good to yourself.


    NA hugs,



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