First off, I would like to send my heart felt condolences toall thoseaffected by the tragedy in Arizona and for anyone who is affected by tragedy from someone as mentally ill as the people that do these horrific acts.

With that being said, instances like these raise some serious questions for me.

If you are reading this then most likely you suffer from depression, anxiety, ptsd, or some other mental health issue, like myself.

The thing that gets me is that sometimes, people in our situations can get so stressed/depressed, that we think about ending it all…just giving it up. we might even seriously consider it. i know i have. have i ever thought of killing myself? yes. have i ever wanted to kill myself? yes.

I am going through so much stress right now that it's hard for me to even write about anything or even get out of bed. i face the prospect of not being able to pay my bills, have food next month, i have lived the last year being the most stressed and depressed of my whole life. so many things have happened to me that it's insane. it's driving me nuts. I also have many personal issues that i am facing, not to mention the fact that i have had anxiety disorders, major depression, etc. my whole life. things, even of the smallest proportion, affect me so profoundly. i get so low.

So here's my question… How can someone actually take their anger, depression, anxiety, frustration out on others in such a horrific way as murder? it's like they have the attitude of "my life sucks so i'm takin all of you out with me". that is seriously effed up! I mean, we all have people that we could blame for are heartaches, am i right? but the thing is to try and get over these things. and if we can't, we have to just live with it. i have compassion for the mentally ill, i mean i would be a hypocrit if i didn't. but there is a line drawn and if someone crosses it, i have to forget about sympathy and just realize that some people are like a rabid animal. they just need to be put down. they are so far out of touch or have no remorse, feeling, or compassion that they (in my opinion) are just a danger to the world and everyone in it. For instance, child molesters/abusers, rapists, cold blooded muderers, and so on. That's just how i feel. There are some people who are just beyond help and understanding.

Even Jeffrey Dahmer said that he knew that he wasn't right in the head and should never be allowed back out because he would just kill again.

The sad thing is there is no way of distinguising who will do these kind of horrific acts and who won't. So many people that do these kind of things have troubled lives. But don't we all. And on a more personal note, it affects us all in a way because when things like this happen, it makes eveyone who has mental illness suspect in some peoples eyes that before wouldn't have tought this way.

Also, as far as taking your life is concerned. I don't understand what it takes for people to do this. I have lives my life in misery for so long. don't get me wrong, i have had some happiness as well. but i have heard of so many people who take their own lives who have been through far less than me. like i said. i may not have money to pay my bills or eat next month, and i have serious anxiety and depression issues. i have ideation alot. however, i just can't end it. i know so many people who think seriously about ending it all but just can't do it. life may be miserable, but they keep on living.

take homeless people for example…so many of them suffer from mental illness and the ones that you see on the streets have clearly not taken their life no matter how miserable it is. so to me that means that there must be some kind of mehcanism in our brain that keeps certain people from doing the horrific acts that some do.

I know this may sound a little selfish, but sometimes i get irritated(although i have deep sympathy for those who do end it in a non-violent way towards others) with people that end it, cause i am forced to live in misery and they take the easy way out. i know that might not be right but sometimes it's how i feel.

at any rate, like i said, i really have no sympathy for someone who decides that they wanna take all of their pain out on other people. people like that to me our nothing more than rabid beasts….

just my opinion…

  1. Jack21 12 years ago

    I wanted to add that people who suffer from anxiety disorders do not kill other people. I can\'t say that it has never happened b/c I don\'t know. What I do know is that there is a very specific temperament associated with virtually every person I have ever encountered who suffers from an anxiety disorder. That temperament is characterized by tremendous sensitivity (very often hyper-sensitivity) coupled with a great capacity for sympathy and empathy. People who kill like that are generally psychopathic (which is a catch all I know) and have either lost or have never had the capacity to sympathize or empathize. They literally feel nothing for other human beings. We for the most part are the exact antithesis of such people. When \”normal\” people are put in situations in which they must take other human life they end up with serious, serious issues of guilt. Show me a soldier who doesn\'t feel remorse/guilt about taking life and I\'ll tell you immediately that there is something seriously wrong with that person. They say all you\'re supposed to feel after combat is recoil. If that were really the case and not just a manifestation of bravado and a mask for what soldiers actually feel we would be in real trouble.

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  2. sleepygirl 12 years ago

    Well I was going to say almost exactly what Jack just said. People who lash out have a totally different mental illness than those with anxiety. We (anxiety/panic sufferers) are the antithesis of those who kill/rape/abuse and the like. I guess we are the way God evens the playing field.

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