Tyler Jon Wolf my only Son you are officially an adult now My heart is breaking I can't let you see me cry. I am so proud of you! You have always giving 110% to football you played with such passion and gave it your all you never showed the pain you kept going through it all Even now you immeditally started a full time job no break for you Tyler I have to let go and let you be the man you are. Momma don't want you to leave home I want you to stay and be mommas boy forever but I will not be that momma that doesn't release her son I vow to not ever be the mother in law from hell ( thats for your futrue wife) you have choices to make my son you have narrowed it down to military or Hutch Juco what ever you decide you know I will support it.and be proud of you I know you will give it your all my tough little boy Now playing rugby with the men No fear diffently describes you! I am wondering how I handled graduation with out brreaking down I guess I was just so busy I didn't have time but when you were up with the crack of dawn preparing to leave for work it really hit home you are a responsable young man now already making your mark on the world. I am secretly hoping you choice school,not that I have anything against the militay I am so thankful for the young men and women that are serving our country, I would be very proud of you. But I would be scared to death I want to protect you, I will let you make your own decessions letting go is so hard this is the thrid time I have had to do it, It is not any easier. Mother has always been my main role in life. My heart is breaking……………………………………….


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