Well for the past few days I've cut myself off from everybody. Ignored my phone, ignored Facebook, ignored my family. Since my dad forgot my birthday & decided work was more important than me having issues breathing we haven't spoken much. I barely see him anyway, since he's always working, even on his days off. My mom has decided I'm a waste of her time & space. My older "brother"(not exactly related), stole over 70 grand from her & she considers him the better person. What did I do? I was inside of a car belonging to a person who broke into houses & stole a couple cheap tv's & wine. Known as me being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But being on probation I'm apparently the worst child ever & because I smoke. So, she's also decided she needs me out of her life so off I go on June 21st to Washington, far from my life & my friends. She says she hopes to God I don't come back, but that if I get enough money maybe I can show up for Christmas so i don't look even worse than I already am. Great. I told her if I'm a waste of her time she should SHUT THE FUCK UP. She didn't like that..her church friends were around. Pfft. I'd glady tell them the same. Anyways, been an interesting week. Laid around thinking. For hours. I've never been able to do that, but I can think deeper now without anything to distract me. Oh, I guess I've cut off ties with my twin brother too. He had his chance at being violent with me by breaking my window & chasing me in anger in an attempt to beat the shit out of me. We were finally so close. Like better than best friends. But I told him I'm done. I can't forgive his violence. He says at least I know now not to piss him off or I know what to expect. Very threatening. Should have 5150'd him in my opinion. Ah well, family isn't there for you like I used to think. They betray you more than romance. That's a little crazy. Well I'm going to go back to thinking. It's rather entertaining..


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