So, there is a lot of drama going on, I'm going nuts right now, I've taken sooo many anxiety pills in the past two days, and it isn't ending yet. Shit's just baaaaaad. Below this is a message a sent to my step sister via facebook because she was hassling me about my boyfriend talking to our parents while I was with him talking about the same thing and asking the same things. Any feedback on this would be greatly appriciated, and thank you guys soooo much. I don't know you, but this has been such a helpful site for me. It's unbelievable how much it makes me feel better to share all these things with you and not putting the weight on my boyfriends' shoulders. You guys are amazing.

"Sandeep [my boyfriend]didn't disrespect anyone. We had a question about a lie that had been told. Like, your dad and my mom had this plan to 'teach' me and Josh [older brother]'a lesson.' So, they lied saying that they filed a missing report for Jeremia [younger brother], which made me, Sandeep and Josh worry about him.

"We drove all around town looking at random places where I thought Jeremia would be. Sandeep and I made phone calls to my aunts and our friends to get as much help as we could get to find him. I don't know what Josh did, but I know he was worried too.

"What our parents did wasn't right. Your dad talks about how he hates liars, but for some reason has no problem lying himself. It was mean what the two of them did, that my mom lied as well, even though she hates liars too.

"The thing is, we're all adults now, and if they want my respect, the have to earn it and the same goes with me. I followed their rules, my mom's specifically, for many years. Now, I'm living on my own, I have no support from her at all, and instead have to live off of loans as a student. Even after all this, I'm not even considered as an independant student. I don't depend on my mother.

"The thing is that when our parents do things that involve me, that includes Sandeep as well because he worries about my stress and issues with my health, family relationships, friendships, school, everything. So, when something crazy happens, he wants to help me out. There's nothing wrong with that. It's his right to speak, and when your dad said 'get out of my house,' he did. There was no disrespect going on.

"Yes, Jeremia was with us. He was visiting me because I've been sick and he wanted to bring me stuff to eat and check up on me. It was too late for him to take the bus back home, so Sandeep and I took him home. I can't drive, because of the DUI, so that's why Sandeep was there to begin with, which shouldn't even be an issue. WE were lied to. Me and Sandeep. We worried for a very long time about my younger brother, and finding out that it was all just some plan to make us feel bad? That's just not funny. That isn't cool at all.

"We didn't entirely believe Jeremia, so when we got there, I walked in, told Sandeep to follow, and we stood by the door for a couple of minutes with the dogs. Then, I told them that we wanted to talk to them about some possibly lie. I started asking questions, Sandeep started asking questions. Everyone was in the living room, tv on, so it was all fine until our confrontation. We just wanted to know the truth, then your dad starts yelling at us, telling us that he didn't remember anything, my mom not saying a word when spoken to, Jeremia hiding in a corner away from everyone, well, behind me and Sandeep, then your dad told us to get out of their house and stormed off.

"I told my mom okay, and we left. Later on, Jeremia was worried. He called me asking if we could pick him up because he was afraid that something was gonna happen, that something bad would happen. I asked him if he was afraid, he said yes. So, Sandeep and I called the cops to see if this was a legitimate reason to leave, and we were told that if he feels afraid, he shouldn't be there. They also said that they would dispatch a police officer there if we wanted to, but we decided not to.

"Then, when we went to pick up Jeremia, after figuring out a place for him to stay at (which was with Josh originally), my mom threatned to call the cops on us if we came on their porch. Sandeep actually suggested to Jeremia that he stay home so nothing would go bad, but he didn't want to stay, and since he IS 18, it's his choice. So, he came out to the car and we left.

"We went to hound dog's where Josh was, but he flaked out on letting Jeremia sleep over, so we took him to a homeless shelter, but Jeremia isn't mentally prepared for that. The very last option was to take him either to my place, or my cousins' place. We went to Sandra's. While Jeremia was outside, Sandra explained the whole story to us, about the lie.

"She said that the lie was real, and that my mom told her mom about it. Like, all of this crap that's been going on is extremely stressfull for myself and Sandeep and everyone else. I've got enough issues as it is now, and Sandeep's got a lot to focus on in school. With all the drama that goes on in our family, how could he not get involved?

"My mom tells me to talk to her at work on Friday, I do, and she tells me about putting out restraint orders against me, Jeremia and Sandeep. Why? Because I was trying to give my brother a comfortable place to stay at.

"Now, the police being involved was not my idea. Jeremia actually called them himself to see if they could excort him into the house to grab his things without any issues, because he was AFRAID.

"I have been with Sandeep for nearly 3 years now. If I'm gonna be in a relationship for this long, there is a right for him to get involved with my family. He's dealt with enough stress as it is already, and for him to just repress everything is really bad for his health. I love this guy to death, and I don't want anything bad to happen to him. He's done sooo much for me. He's the only person who has been there for all of my struggles in the past like 3 years. I'm not gonna stop him from helping himself and me.

"All we want is for people to tell us the truth and treat us equally, as we are all adults with brains and emotions. But, all we get is freak outs, family restraint orders, insults, yells, and told to get out, and cop threats. Isn't family supposed to stick together? I mean, I love you guys, but this shit is killing me. Like, I've never felt so suicidal until recently. Like, between you and me, I was thinking about jumping off a bridge today. I'm thinking about killing myself pretty often, and it's not cool.

"Like, shit is crazy, and I just need to get out."


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