I have been married for over 25 yrs to Stephanie, who i thought was a great woman! What I have found out is that, thing are not always what there appear to be. This total blew me away. My wife had been working late and going in earley for a while. She is the manager of a large furniture store so the hours were understandable. The only reason I thought some thing was wrong is that we went over our Talk min on our cell phone. Which we had 3300 rollover min, plus our normanl monthly limit.( Big Flag)

When I looked at the records she was talking to someone that was hiding there number when they called, and they were talking for 2 -3 hrs a day. She was even talking to this person while I was in surgery, after a car wreck. You know the surgery that she was to busy to go to, because she had to be at work. So she sent me with my 18 yr old son, and called after it was over to make sure I was ok. Like she really cared!

Well when I confrounted her, I also printed all the bills for the last 4 months and seen the this was an ongoing issue. She claimed it was a Male friend Named BOOMER that work as a security guard in Lafayette In at the LAST job she had. Well to say the least, I was not happy and told her so. I also ask if her Boomers wife knew they were so such close friends. Stephanie says she didnt know if Boomers wife knew or not. So I sugjested we tell her. Needless to say that didnt happen.

A few days later my wife gets a text at 5 am from another YOUNG guy she works with say…. Hi beautiful how are you this morning and so on. My wife is 45 this kid is 25, wih a girlfriend and a new baby. So I again I ask and she claims the are just friends. But the following day someone from her job tell this Daniels girlfriend that my wife Stephanie has been sleeping with her boyfriend. So this kid once again text my wife to tell her. Stephanice calls me in tears telling me that someone lied to this kids girlfriend and that they didnt sleep togather. But Stephanie erased the text from him so I have no Idea how he worded it. You now likke did it say That girl lied to my girlfriend and said we slept togather or did it say something like she told my girlfriend about us sleeping togather. I will never know all the facts.

Also during this time I had to go to the doctor due to sever pain while I urinated. The doctor ask me if there was any chance I could have an STD. I told him that I was faithful and that my wife would never do anything like that. So I was not checked for an STD and was treated for a urinary track infection, which I have NEVER had either one of these things in my life. But Now I wonder!!!!

Well Lots of arguments later, I find out that my wife Stephanie has had more sexual partners since whe got married, than she did BEFORE we got married.

I am now living in what I would concider HELL. I hate to leave for fear of being alone. But cant hardly stand to be around her. I have prayed to god for guideance and to help me with forgiveness. But it is a VERY VERY hard road.

I have now got myself hooked on persription Pain killers because for a while they helped with the physical and emeotional pain. But know even they are not helping and I find myself thinking of ending my life every day.

To me there is no greater rejection than a spouse cheating on you! Thank you for you time, thoughts and prayers. God bless you all!

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  1. JA 11 years ago

    Look dude i went thru that shit but i was not married that long. shes is fucking cheating on you. you are better then that. divorce her. she is taking advantage of you….yes you probably got an std  get checked anyway. it sucks and i know you have a child but if you need to start over its the best piece of mind, you can find another woman better then her. dont hurt your self. talk to your buds they can help you thru. have them spy for you and get evidence so you dont have to pay your half if you get divorced. you have proof already with the cell phone. if you have proof she has to pay all your shit the house the car……

    this woman was cheating on her husband and didnt want to get caught because if she got caught she would have to make his car payement. she got lucky….i dont know how the laws are there but go talk to a lawyer for a free consultation if you can. it sucks dude and believe me shes not worth going to prison or dying for. theres tons of women out there. YOUR ARE BETTER THEN THAT AND HER! say that to yourself over and over when you get depressed or mad and be cool about it.

    once you  say divorce shes will cry and ask you to please give her another chance.. thats when you say lets go to counseling….most likely she will say no because they will tell her ass she is in the wrong and they dont want to hear that at all and will not go to counseling…. thats a red flag…..

    u can still start over dude..believe me it hurts like a mother…but you can…dont do anything stupid….there tons of women out there…


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