some hours ago i announced to my partner that i was starving myself. as expected he enquired of the reasons. after some discussion, the announcement was downgraded to a hunger strike.

my premise being that by not eating i am being active without having to move or something like that. i'm very lazy.

now however, i am sitting here feeling a bit peckish.
my stomach is rumbling.

i've had 4 diet colas. well okay 5 in the past 2 hours to supplement for food but of-course they don't. they actually make my stomach feel like an acid pit.

not to mention the day before yesterdays announcement that I was giving up diet cola. whoops. just like that i would switch from the black death to sparkling water. i will, though, of-course, in due time.

what worries me is that soon feeling peckish will turn into something approximating genuine hunger. The very thing I put my finger up at..

to sum up i am on a hunger strike and i don't do delayed gratification. i just do not do it. in fact i am a hog for junk foods (currently obsessed with the "new" chocolate biscut with turkish delight filling). and although i do have lots of different food issues, i sure like to eat.

my partner ensures my nutritional needs are met by the food he grows, buys and prepares. he also mentions EXERCISE when ever i am seen in conjunction with junk food.

yes, i am one lucky woman. he listens to me even when i am obviously talking shit and by doing so holds up a mirror for me to see myself.

after reading this through i'm seriously considering not making any further announcements, at least not until i understand why i feel the need to make them.

Peace Aswa

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  1. borntired 11 years ago


    i have a friend who is overweight like me, she will announce she is going to lose weight and fail and then i will and fail…, so lately she announced that she will not tell me when she is going to lose weight and i will just have to notice if and when it happens

    i just saw those biscuits in the british store here. i was wondering about them as my son's favorite is turkist delight and i thought it sounded like an odd combo

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