I just finished crying like a big wuss but oh well. I read my last entry and I feel a little better but I’m still all mixed up inside. I was talking with my therapist and she pointed out that since I’ve always been the one to cater to others, when I stop doing that I’ll get negative reactions. And I do see that. When I stop doing the work others see that as an attack. Like it was my job.

My friend is. Not a very good friend. Obviously I already knew that but it isn’t a quick thing to untangle yourself from some that means something to you. This is my longest friendship to date and that means something to me even if it doesn’t mean anything to them.

And that makes me ache it really does. That’s OK. To ache I mean. I guess it’s like ripping off a lot of band aids or something.

But I’m realizing more and more that I feel like I don’t matter and that I’m lonely and that all I want is someone to love me. That I do not feel loved in my day to day life. That no one says I love you, you matter to me. No one hugs me. No one says I was thinking of you. No one no one no one.

And if you’re starved for love and affection you’ll start to take what little people give you. And so my friend doesn’t give much but at the very least every once in a while they say good morning and good night and it makes me think that if I died someone might notice. But scraps are not real nourishment. And there’s no love in the way I am treated. No love in being convenient. No love in being useful. No love if you have to earn your love.

I’ve never had to let go before. I’ve had a lot ripped away from me. A lot taken. I’ve been left behind. But I’ve never let go. I’ve never said: “You’re hurting me and I don’t want to be around you anymore.”

And just because someone isn’t trying to hurt you on purpose doesn’t make them blameless.

So here’s what I’ll say: Yes good days exist but so do bad days.

Your friends asks if you’re OK but doesn’t listen when you say no. Doesn’t really want to know. And maybe they are busy but they make time for other things that aren’t you. That all you ask for is a basic conversation.

That maybe they don’t hate you but that isn’t the same as love. And saying you care isn’t the same thing as care. And that if you’re always feeling lonely it isn’t because it’s your fault. That being miserable isn’t your fault. That sometimes, other people can make you feel badly.

That sometimes people don’t know how to show love and maybe that’s not their fault but it doesn’t make it less hurtful or significant. That if someone isn’t willing to change for you in any way then they aren’t a monster but you hardly have to be a monster to be bad. To be mean. To be indifferent. To be uncaring. To be apathetic. To be unobservant. To be a heart breaker.


  1. lacey7 10 months ago

    Orange tree,

    I really enjoyed your blog. Thank you for sharing it! The observations you share apply to my life as well!. I get it.

    We are all enough and deserve healthy relationships! It was is okay to let unhealthy relationships go. It gives us more energy towards building our own better lives!


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    • Author
      orangetree 9 months ago

      Well I’m sorry you get it haha. Have you found out the secret to actually letting go?

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  2. jamesefl3 9 months ago

    Being in a friendship or relationship with someone who doesn’t feel the same or care like you do really hurts and feels hopeless. I’ve been trying to get help and open up to people, my entire life I’ve struggled with just talking one on one with people, and even have issues talking to those closest to me, and I think that made the few friendships and relationships I had mean way more to me than the other person. the only advice I can give you, as someone who tries to do everything for people because I’m lonely and just want them to stay, is be yourself and don’t change or bend who you are for them, if they don’t care you can’t force them to no matter how hard you try and fail and keep trying and we have to accept that. Some people have worse issues than us and that limits them when it comes to caring a lot about others, for others, or getting attached to people no matter how much we do for them. Whether they’re a good or bad person. Don’t let how they treat you change how you feel about yourself and don’t blame yourself for how they act, it’s the only good advice I’ve gotten and I hope it helps you stay strong.

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    • Author
      orangetree 9 months ago

      Thank you for the advice. I try to keep it in mind, although its very easy to fall back into that hurt place. I’m trying to learn how not to do that. I don’t want to always be the victim in my own mind, but I don’t quite have the thick skin it takes to be able to endure my feelings.

      I also have trouble talking to people one on one and like you have been trying to open up to people. It’s tricky, and often means that the few relationships I can build have a lot more meaning to me than the other person.

      But I hope I get better, and I really hope you do too.

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