I think…I'm on the up swing today. I still have rough anxiety but it's dealable. I was able to go in and talk to doctors, financial advisors, professors, academic advisors, etc. Things will be developing for me to get through this major somehow. I can take it slow to get this major done. There will be meetings for discussion later. There will be developments. It won't be a stellar semester, but I will get through it. And hopefully, after the appeal process, I can get my financial aid and keep it and keep in school.

Crossing my fingers so many times.

I think I mentioned before that they changed my medication. I'm on Paxil and they changed my dosage from 20 mg to 30 mg. It's around day five and there is starting to be some sign of improvment. You don't see many signs of improvement for about two weeks though, on average, so maybe I'm just being hopeful. But I was mentally cognizant and aware to be able to handle that much of today without curling in a ball. I was able to talk things out with a cousin I am gradually getting closer to. I am working on improving my mental outlook of myself.

And I decided to give myself a workout, albeit a one mile workout of about 15-20 minutes and indoors. Lol. Exercise videos are my only source of reliable exercise at this current time.

I hope things continue to improve. I hope I can be good to myself. That would be good. I will be trying to not blame myself and make myself feell guilty for life's little hiccups and hurdles.

I hate hiccups. I got them yesterday. They went away on their own though.

Did you knowh you can put some sugar behind your bottom teeth and just suck on it and it gets rid of hiccups? It's true, it has worked for me every time!

Lol. Random home remedy that works for me like a dream.

Hmmmm. Comfortably tired I think. Yay.


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