Ever since I found out day before yesterday that my ex from last summer, Todd, was sentenced to prison until 2018 it is all I can think about. He was the best boyfriend I had ever had. He was so sweet, caring, and affectionate. His dad died when he was 8 and his mother was brutally raped and murdered and he came home to it when he was 15. His aunt and uncle put him in foster care. then, when he was 18 he moved in with his grandmother who has alzheimers and his delinquent younger brother. He started to abuse prescription medication and got really messed up on Xanax one night and broke into someone’s car with a gun to steal some meds and went to prison for four years. I met him a few months after he was released and he was doing really well. He was getting his life together. He had saved up money, got his life in order, and was doing well. We got together and he showed me what it was to be treated well, something I had never really known before. I adored him. It was like all of the bad that my ex of 10 yrs had created was being erased. We were happy. Then 3-4 months in his prescription med abuse got really bad and I had to break up with him because it was taking a serious toll on my life. We parted on good terms though. We really didn;t speak much over the past 6 mos. I knew he was spiraling otu of control by what our mutual friends were telling me. I knew that prison was probably in the future for him. After all he was already on felony probation and he was eating xanax and loritabs like they were candy. When I got the news though, it hit me hard. He did another buglary. Yet again, he was all pilled up. He probably woke up in jail with no idea what he had done. In his charges it said he resisted arrest. I am so sad for him. I wrote a letter to him. I don’t know if he will even want to write back, but I hope he will. I hope to be able to visit him sometime this year. I put some money in his account incase he needed to buy anything. I wish I could just know that he’s ok. He has noone. All of his friends don’t really care, his brother probably doesn’t care, and his grandmother is haiving a hard time as it is. Wish I could give him a hug and tell him there is someone out here that cares, that is worried, that wants things to get better for him. I have missed him terribly. I just had distanced myself as to not destroy my broken heart even more. Wish I could feel ok about this.. that I could rest easy. I just think of his face and it causes me pain. *sigh* Please, whoever is up there, look out for him.


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