As I sit here quietly in my room, in my house, alone except for the pups, I wonder how I'm supposed to feel. My roommate of 15 years now just grabbed his clothes and pillows and bailed out for the third time. I guess I should feel something, but I don't. I've seen this movie before.

It's not like we are truly connected anymore. Maybe we never were. I just try to get along, and I tend to settle when I shouldn't. I'm about to go on the CL and run an advert for a roommate. I know that's a tricky deal, so I'll be VERY careful.

I just need some help out here in the country, and maybe someone might need a quiet place to go. We'll see on that count.

I guess if the world ends today or tonight, I'll see it by myself. That's a drag. And I think I'm going black, his sister said he asked her for money for our electric bill, the only thing he pays. So if it gets cut off, I'll be without any contact or entertainment, except for what I can conjure up on my own.

The weather was beautiful today. Cool, mildly sunny, a little light breeze. I wonder why some people want drama. Why they want things to be all in a uproar. I don't care for that. I like routine and predictability. I like to plan for things. This sudden empty house I was not planning for. But it's not the first time. Hopefully I'll be wise enough and brave enough for it to be the last.

I'm not Katy Perry or even close, but someday, I suspect somebody will come along that gets me. Until then, I'm fine like this, I guess. What choice do I have? hahaha

I'm trying to sell everything I can on the ebay for taxes. I'm not good with money. I don't like it really. I'd much rather go swimming, or for a nice drive, or out to someone's place just to walk around. So far only one thing sold. But I'm thankful for that, trust me! Means another month they can't take my place away from me. No money for food. But hey, I'm not even hungry, at this point… hehe

ok, then, just wanted to leave a little bit of "hello" in case a new friend or an old friend stopped by… HELLO! Be fair, and be square… later gators, Cissy


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