Ok, well I hope my life will improve. Been too hard to make things work. I used to think Im not trying enough but I can only do so much. Thats me. I think the amount people charge for renting somewhere to live in this country is dissproportionate to what it is really worth. We have over inflated property prices for a start. Funny how the minimum wage can just about get you somewhere to live, bills food, some transport and entertainment. The housing benefit in this country pays the lower end of market rent so landlords know they can at least get that. We have special buy to rent mortgages. So there are always landlords willing to buy places, keeping the property prices up. Add to this the new governments help to buy scheme, which will mean another housing bubble or increased house purchase prises in time. It is criminal how some of the financial markets are manipulated. Absurd how banks can lend people money hey done actually have too. This is all accepted by the govenment. Scotland may decide to vote or independence next year. Not bad idea epecially as England once overthrew their monarchy a long time ago. Why is so much about politics? Just look athow our lives are shaped then. Wonderfull future? Thats the sales talk of politicians, although its usually on one theme or another. The truth is that most of us havnt got a clue what we are really doing in life. Work, get a partner, have a family and home. Is that it? Because when you look outside of that family unit, where is the co-hesion, he integration, the purpose? Where are the true spiritual ideals and evolutions? Why cant we all be really happy together as a society and a race? Many things to change and fix, thats why. Also, a whole lot of understanding, awareness, patience, tolerance and application.


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