It's been along time since I have been on this site and told my friends whats been going on. Ive been gone cause I thought me and my husband were going to give our marriage another chance but you all were right and he lied to me. He called and told me he wanted me back and he loved me and wanted me to come back home but that was all once my oldest daughter moved out of his house and he didnt have her to sleep with anymore or to help pay the bills. Well my husband even told my son and my mom and her boyfriend that he loved me and wanted me to hurry up and get back home but yet he wasnt willing to come down south and get me like he did when we first got together and I still cant drive due to a seizure I had a year ago while driving and I crashed into a bridge. I havent had an EEG done yet and been cleared and so I wasnt about to drive all the way up north by myself. My husband even had one of his friends texting me telling me they couldnt wait for me to come back home so I believed him. Well I didnt call him every day like he wanted me to so he didnt like that and around Christmas past I texted my youngest daughter and I found out she wasnt home she was at friends and I asked if my husband was alone and she said no he was home with friends. So i texted him and all he could say is Merry Christmas and no I love you. Well we ended up talking thru text one day and got into it and he was saying he didnt know anymore what he wanted or how he felt so i said then send the damn divorce papers and he said okay right away with no hesitation at all. Come to find out he had met someone and she was there with her kids with him in his house and he had been seeing her for months behind my back even when he was telling me he loved me. Well my oldest daughter knew he was involved with her for months but never told me. My daughter had no idea he was telling me he loved me and wanted me back but I thought regardless she would of told me he was seeing someone else but she didnt and now he lives with her and is engaged to her while still married to me. I never cheated on that man since he kicked me out like 8 years ago and he is the one cheating on me.

Now he has nothing to do with my oldest daughter the one he slept with in his bed for months maybe years and she moved out and moved in with her boyfriend and hadher first child and now my husband treats her like trash and he has a restraining order out against her. He has been keeping all my personal stuff for me all these years and he always promised me that he would never ever do anything with my stuff that my stuff was safe. Well one morning he decided to get his ugly ass fianccee to help him gather my stuff with my son and he and the bitch took all my stuff in 8 containers over to my daughters house and put every thing out behind her car and left everything outside and texted my daughter that my stuff was outside. Now my husband had kept my wedding ring all that time and he knew i wanted that back and he swore it was safe with my stuff and gee guess what all of my other jewerly was all there in my box except my wedding ring from him and hmmm my son and husband swears it was there and that there is no way the box could of fallen over. Well my daughter took a picture of my jewerly in the jewerly box and yep it wasnt there. So now my husband and son are saying it was there and from the picture that it had been moved around and that my daughter or her boyfriend probably pawned it. Bullshit she didnt do that my husband did something with it and is blaming her for it. She wouldnt of gotten much for it cause its always had a crack in the diamond and its a size 3 1/2. So he is doing up the divorce papers himself on the computer and its gonna be a simple divorce then he is gonna mail them to me to sign and mail back and then he will file them at courthouse. But I will not sign them now until he finds my wedding ring and gets all my things back from my daughter and holds my stuff umtil my son brings back my stuff along with his things.

So friends what do you think about all that stuff. I need some input and advice. Oh yeah I had planned to go and see my daughter and her baby for the first time and stay a couple of weeks but she got a mouth on her and acused me of using her cause i was gonna have my husband send the papers in my name to her address while i was there so it could be done within those two weeks and she told me I had to be happy the entire time i was there and couldnt be sad and crying when i signe the divorce papers so I said the hell with it that I cant be happy about signing those papers when its not what i wanted. Yeah my husband has posted pictures of him and her together at christmas and at a bowling alley and he has now turned my 14 year old daughter against me and she now wants nothing to do with me and he said that she loves his fiancee more than her real mother and she is more of a mom to her than i am or ever was to her. He is talking so ugly and saying such nasty things about me that isnt true.

What do I do? I just cant let go and move on cause I know it would of worked out and I dont and wont ever have closure now and thats why i cant move on. Help me please!


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