I am incredibly frustrated right now. Yes, I know that I am behind on homework but I have spent the past few days working on it yet no matter how much I get done it’s never enough. Today I got several assignments done and raised some of my grades quite a bit but when I took a break and went downstairs to get a drink of water because I had an actual MIGRAINE, my mom yelled at me for not having a band assignment done and said that it is so stupid that I have a bad grade in band and that it is so “easy” so the only reason it isn’t an A is that I’m “lazy”. 1, she knows I have ADHD which makes it incredibly hard to concentrate on homework and 2, she knows that I have panic attacks and anxiety attacks even in situations like driving or telling the cashier my order at Culver’s so making a video of myself playing an instrument that my entire class is going to see is much more terrifying than those situations so I’m most definitely having a hard time with those assignments. I just find it so frustrating that my mom, a psychologist,  doesn’t seem to understand how difficult this is and how it’s not just laziness. Thanks for listening to my rant and if you have any advice that would be nice. Have a great day.


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