I feel often that we are all just wanderers in this realm we call life. It seems that our purpose is to attain more knowledge and wisdom though how much we attain depends on the individual. I wanderer aimlessly at times through my life wondering if I should turn left or turn right or just simply not turn at all. The destination is tempting but sometimes it’s the journey that is the most rewarding part. Is it that we are all just the lonely wanderer in this world having nothing to share or do some of us have something to share. I long for the day that I can reach my destination and no longer wander aimlessly but wander toward a goal a goal of great reward. To all my fellow wanderers of life’s fates I bid you good will for I hope you have found your dream for I am still chasing mine. Do not let the sands of time discourage you for the sands are eternal but so is the human spirit. In my life I have met many people and thus as many have come and gone but we continue to meet new people even after all the pain of lose seems to make it seem impossible to relive another love or friendship. Wandering the sands of time is daunting we always want a way out but do we really know what that door is? Or how to open it if we somehow did find it? I have hope for the future since the past is the past we cannot change what has been done but only try to change what comes next. My fellow wanderers will you wander to the path of right or the long road of wrong. Only time will tell where our souls will wanderer. The future is a new day so I hope to wander head high into serenity.


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