If you or a loved one wants to get clean and stay clean then giving yourself guidelines can help sobriety. Most importantly is to cut all ties with that crowd/scene. Cut out anyone you know that does drugs or gets them for you. As good as that friend is it’s just too easy to fall into old habits. Delete them out of your life, if you can change phone or where you live that can help if they come looking for you. If you work with them should consider looking for new job or changing department and work hours at the very least. Staying busy. Some people are just bored and that’s familiar. Having nothing to do but think about the problems in life can make us crave what we know made us forget that depressing feeling. If you can’t afford to go out try things that don’t cost you. This is really what I struggle with the most is keeping busy. not that being bored makes me want to use but I just know that it could potentially make plain boredom into getting high. Personally I’ve made friends that have nothing to do with my past life, I clean, go for walks, go see my family, read and put effort into how i look (which takes much longer then when I was younger). Have someone/anyone to go to when you need to talk about personal issues. Having someone to confide in when stressing, being depressed or craving is important. We all need to vent and have someone help us through tough times. Luckily I have my husband to talk to but sometimes I just need a regular friend. It took a while vetting people to decide who was a good person to share myself with(this was not without problems either actively looking). Make sure to have positive people around you! That’s the few of many things that’ll help stay clean, these were the most important to me. Good luck!


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