Hey everyone. I know that some of you read my blogs and think that I have everything figured out. I'm sure some have even badgered themselves for not having a grip on whats happening to them. Today I thought I would tell you that I am just like you. I deal with my anxiety realy well at times but days like today I'm axious for hours. The difference between myself and some is that I look back a rationalize. On wednesday I got called back to work, I had to make decessions that may probably effect the next 30 years of my career, I had an exame this morning and a few assignments due, people in my personal life need help so its hard to focus on myself and to top it all of I threatend a guy in a swiss chalet parking lot last night and he wrote down my plate number. For the last few days I haven't done any exercise, I sleep 5 hours a night instead of my usual 10. So tell me, Are you suprised that I woke up this morning and had an attack? This is what I keep telling you guys about. A healthy life style is important, focusing on good things is important, relaxing and meditation is important. We all tend to slack off when things are smooth or when we get to busy, alot of the times it comes back to bite us in the ass. So I'm getting back on track. I'm not saying that you have to eat carrots and walnuts and run 5k everyday for the rest of your life. But understand that if you are prone to anxiety and you are about to enter a world of deadlines and stress, preperation is key. We can deal with stress alot better when we are healthier in mind and body. Focus on something good today. You'll see that it makes you feel instantly better. This is because anxiety is a feeling, just like happiness, anger, depression, ect. We can always change our feelings when we have something to feel differently about :")

  1. layllove2004 10 years ago

    Sorry you\'ve had a rough week. I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.
    And it is very true that anxiety is a feeling just like anger, happiness etc. Feelings are just that feelings, they have no real power over us only the power we give them. Feelings are produced by thought, so change the thought about a certain situation/person/place and the feeling will change too.

    Have a wonderful night!! All will be well…

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  2. layllove2004 10 years ago

    Oh, one more thing. See the anxiety as excitment, kinda goes along with the whole change your thought and the feeling will change…..

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  3. hausmank 10 years ago

    I wish this was like facebook where i could \”Like\” your post!

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