my brain is frizzled with stupid thoughts and my imagination runs over time CONSTANTLY.
At the moment Im paranoid of getting possessed or dying. I see the chick outta this horible scary movie in my head all the time.
I imagine her in my room doing freaky stuff. its so bad 🙁 I am scared my imagination will turn into reality hearing or seeing things. GOD if that happened I would do myself in, bugger that. Sometimes the gurl in my head is all possessed and other times its like she is just a gurl all from this stupid movie I seen 🙁 This last week has been so hellish and now I cant even remember the week its just like a big blur.
I feel so down. sick of thinking sick of thinking disturbing thoughts and imagining this woman in my head or other wierd stuff. Everything plays out like scenarios in my brain to the point where I scare the shitta outta me.
I feel frustrated…
Do u ever get feelings like some one is standing next to u or behind u? MASS paranoid.
Germs at the moment are bad, gotta wash my hands all the time.
Because of all this and being so anxious I am having wierd eating regimes too…
I just dont wanna feel so scared 🙁
Soooooooo yeahhhhhhhh *sighs*
when I tell myself not to think about it, I find myself thinking about it and another scenario comes into my head and b4 I know it a whole scene has played in my brain and I have to snap outta it. Im so scared this stuff is going to start to really happen or I will end up doing somthing.
Its just all so freaky at the moment. I am much better than monday/tuesday this week. BUT yeah still a long way to go 🙁
So then I was like may be if If I try reverse psychology about my images in my head so instead of seeing her as scary and a threat try and make her just a scary gurl from a movie I could help lol so u know Im soundin totally mental lol.
I was doing so well aswell…till this week.

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  1. billdoor79 15 years ago

    that sounds good, try and see her as something else, something that’s not as scary. or, seeing as she’s in your head just, how about standing up to her and fighting her off?:-)

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