Ignore the smoke, cause there is no sign. Fires burning me away and I can't wait for my end. The day I meet my maker I'm going to knock his fucking teeth out of his head. More than a billion people on this planet and it's all non-sensical. Why do some suffer while others don't? And why is it always reversed? Decent people, good people live in poverty and suffer in a state of poor and hopeless their whole life. While super pricks and bitches get born into mass wealth. One could claim that the roots lead to the growth but does where one begins truly dictates where one ends? I somehow don't think this is entirely true, I think it's merely a guide line. We can follow it or take our own route, which we choose though does decide what we become. I've chosen no route though, after years of making 'choices' I've realized everything will make me miserable. I tend to have a habit of always making the wrong choice, choosing to try love I get hurt but to abandon it I hurt too. Choosing to try I realize I fail and wasted the time, but to not try I end up feeling like nothing. In the end I lose and feel like a waste of life, or I don't try and just feel like the waste. Failure and Waste, the two words best describing me… the only words. Am I really dramatizing it? Or do people say that just because they can't accept what I am? Are people really in such denial due to todays bullshit plastic manner that they cannot accept that some people just don't belong? So many people are handed chances and get lucky breaks, I think I could not have worse luck and get fewer chances, since there is nothing fewer and zero… fuck this world.

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  1. carvic 15 years ago

    Too Right.Bless you–Keep Moaning-Vic

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