Tonight I feel sad, coz I know i'm weak

and nothing I can do or say will help me out

seeing everything in black and white

just filling me with more doubt

its fight of flight.

Ground yourself, erica said.

Feel your feet on the floor

you do not need to hurt anymore.

tonight I feel angry, tonight i feel fury

I feel an incredible urge to cut

I can visualise my pain on the canvas that is my arm

inside I hear my mother tut

i'm trying to move on, i'm trying to grow up

but inside i'm terrified, I've never felt so lost

it's like i've left my heart behind,

now all all I am is a model frame of the girl they call Naomi.

That silly girl, that quiet girl

the one who walks alone

the one who sits in silence

the one who blushes scarlet

the one you made fun of

the one you abused

the one who's life you changed forever.

This paragraph has been erased countless times

I need to vent something out

but words cannot describe it

nothing can cover how I feel

no words, no pain, nobody.

I want to be heard but, yet I speak so quietly

I hurt so bad, but nobody heals me

I feel so alone, with people all 'round me

sat here tonight over flowing with tears

just want to die now

no more games

I want to go home.


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