Why is what I need or what I feel always unimportant to anyone besides me? I really would like to know. What do I do wrong or not do that other people do?

I am quite worried and upset about having to leave my children, husband, house for the entire summer. I am doing it because its what needs to be done but that doesnt really make it easy. My husband is very worried, scared and sad. His feelings are what get taken care of. Mine dont seem to matter. I have talked to him abou it a few times but we always end up back to where he is the one upset. I realize that he has never had to be with the kids alone for more than a weekend but seriously. Last night I was exhausted. Very very tired. I put the kids to bed early even. I tried several times to go to bed but he kept on needing and wanting me to reassure him. Finally I just gave in and we talked……..until midnight. So today I am very tired too.

When I need to talk it doesnt seem to be important to anyone besides me. The reason my old friends are no longer my friends right now is due to this. I am always there for them. If I am needing help though nobody wants to listen. They want me to take care of it myself. I dont ask a lot. Just listen to me once in a while. Call me or text me once a week or so. Thats all I am asking.

Apparently I ask too much though. The problem with trying to find new friends is that they dont know what I have been through recently and slightly before that. Right at this moment I really dont like the idea of having to explain it all again to someone, to relive it all. If someone doesnt know they cant really understand much of what is going on now though. LoL Its a problem.

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  1. borntired 9 years ago

    probably the reason i like going to my counselor so much, the undivided listening

    wish i didn't have to pay $80 an hour to be listened to though

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