Lets see..where to start..

I had to wake up at 8am…after going to bed at 2ish. I feel lethargic but yet my mind is going a mile a minute. i went to the chiropactor which wasn't too bad..but kind of painful. Then came home to get my car so we could go get my brakes done. That was a disaster…not only did i have to get my brakes done apparently the last time i took it to the dealership when they put one of my wheels back on they broke something so they couldn't get it off. So it had to be BROKEN off and then fixed again. THEN…as if that wasnt enough…one of my CV boots was ripped. So the grand total of the day 530 odd dollars. O yes..Cuz i have that kind of money. SO … i had to pay 200 of it and bryan helped me and paid the rest which now i owe him money :\. You would think this day was over…ITS NOT…then i get in my car to leave and my car is idleing funny. And anytime i try to put it into gear it stalls out. So we go get the guy and he comes out and figures out that a hose is loose and blah blah…3 mins or so..fixed. OKAY…we leave. I get 3 or 4 blocks down the road and every time i'm braking i hear this clicking noise. So i call bryan (whos following me) to tell him we've gotta turn around. We get BACK finally and what do i smell…CRAP. O joy. Mason has diarreah…So not only did I spend a shitload of time cleaning up…Sh*T the smell has now become almost a permanate fixture of our house. We've got windows open, millions of candles going, incense and f'breeze air freshner. It's still there. So that kind of kick started this whole gung-ho cleaning craze. I vaccumed all the floors, picked up all the kitchen and living room, gave mason a bath, watered all our plants and fed all of the turtles. i'm pooped. Tonite better be LAZY and SMOOTH. 


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