That includes doctors. Everybody. You don’t have friends… You have acquaintances that don’t care….

They’re  Brilliant words of wisdom is for you to go hook up with some random guy so he could pay your bills.

That’s how you get in badd relationships. Abusive relationships.

I don’t want to be in a relationship anymore people have messed with me so much I want nothing to do with them.

All I wanna do is be warm and clean and be able to survive and feed myself and I am unable to do it because of my job.

I need to be rich in that won’t happen I need a lot of money to  Drop out of heaven…. That’s not gonna happen….. I’ve been making a fool myself on line with videos and pictures because I see other girls who are able to gets money from sponsors for really stupid stuff

But I can’t get anybody because I won’t show my tit .  People wonder why I don’t have a good outlook on life people wonder why I don’t like people people wonder why I have so much distrust

They don’t care if you’re alive and they don’t care if you’re dead….. When you die the say that you’re a good person ,  go on with their lives because that made them feel better.


If a person died at their own hands they’re gonna say if I only knew.. I woulda done something I wish they would have said something……. The while you’re asking them straight to the face hopping up-and-down on a ball with a clown nose on asking for help

And they’re just a bunch of a** holes



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