I can't sleep at night & it isn't always from thinking to much…most nights I am laying there thinking I want to sleep & nothing else!!! I have tried Trazadone,Ambien, & Rispiridone each being worst than the last the 1st ones kept me up all night long & the last one made me feel like I was loseing my mind . I can't take sleeping pills they screw me up more! I have tried sticking to a strict routine but it doesn't help,takeing a nap or not takeing a nap but neither makes a difference except when I don't I am worse off…but at this point I can't even sleep during the day like I used to be able to!!!! I am sleeping like 2 hours a night on a good night how sad is that!?! I also don't sleep through that 2 hours I wake up several times & have vivid dreams which means I am not getting through my rem cycle like Ever!!!!!!!!! I am so freakin forgetful I can even forget things mid sentence even writing it down doesn't help cause I forget where i put the note or just totally forget what I was thinking about period & it could be days later till I remember again! It is really starting to scare me . I don't want to live my life this way but what can I do if the sleep meds don't work for me & I can't sleep myself!?! It is like an unending cycle of torture…I can go for weeks on end before I crash which is like 3 hours of sleep so it isn't even that much more really!!!!!!! I am at the end of what I can take almost here! People need sleep obviously it messes with u physically,emotionally, & psychologically if u don't sleep!!! And i already have about 3-4 mental health diagnoses' so sleep is even more important because it really really makes things worse when I don't. I feel like I am loseing my mind & am about to have a nervous breakdown at any minute now!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. nsoto5 11 years ago


    Have you tried getting yourself on some kind of exercise routine so that your body is tired out and you can sleep on your own?

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  2. yorkielover 11 years ago

    It is not that I am not tired physically I am exhausted…I am not tired mentally I think! I try to get in some excercise every day it hasn\'t seemed to make a difference!!! I try to stay away from junk food as much as I can & choose healthier choices not saying I don\'t indulge once in a while! Baths & tea don\'t work for me. My body is just against sleeping!!! Thanks for the ideas though guys.

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