Any ideas how to grow taller height-wise? Because I need it so bad! I am a college sophomore but I look like someone in seventh grade! I guess that’s okay if I am in my early 30s or 40s already, but right now in college people tease me a lot. Some of my professors have teased me, too. It’s annoying but what I can do?

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  1. sleepygirl 13 years ago

    I\'m sorry to hear people are being so insensitive. One thing you can do is to not play along with them. When they say something about your height, don\'t laugh or smile, just look at them, roll your eyes and walk away. Another idea I had was those cute shoes they have with a bit of a platform and heal – that could potentially raise you up several inches. Anyway, I\'ll be thinking tall thoughts for ya! God Bless!

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