Well lets see here..Just where should I begin..Earlier this week:: Alright well I had a boyfriend-my childrens Father, I caught him talking to another female on my laptop through emails..to make it all the much better he was in my house and sending her pictures from my bathroom of himself…Notice the key word there? (My!!!) So the items that he did have here he packed and left with.

 He left me and his children with no food,the electric bill is due,my van's tags died yesterday it needs an inspection sticker which died back in 2/09! and it won't pass right now,no paper towels and no baby wipes and two of our children are in diapers!! And took of to MD! I have had to walk to the store twice to get enough food as I could carry and who has to suffer that walk not only myself but my 5,4,3, and 2 yr old. Because the stroller wheel decided it wanted to pop off half way back to my house!

So, today I wake up and Loq and Behold my cell phone is cut off so I'm already frustrated so I get my kids dressed,hair done etc. and decided I am going to take my kids to my moms, I had sent her an email telling her how stressed I was and what I and the kids were going without and she replies "Oh sorry to hear that, hope things get better for you!" WTF!?? I don't want her to pay for anything just maybe offer to watch the kids while I run to the store for basics ya know.. So anyways..I decide to go over anyways when I realize I can't find my sons shoes..Now I have searched 3 floors, in every room and still have yet to find them…So again I'm so stressed it brings me to tears, and I give up and decided..bare foot isn't the worst thing in the world. So we walk up the street to the bus stop (A friend of mine told me where to go)…Where we wait 20 minutes in the blazing sun! So we get on the bus and I call my friend back to let him know we are on the bus, he was supposed to meet me at another bus stop to help with the kids since I was holding my son(3) and my daughter (2)..And he informs me I have got on the wrong bus!!

So at the next stop I get off with all the kids and it just so happens to be the bus stop by the Walmart with the little bus booth that oh I don't know is something like a sitting in an oven..By this point all the kids are hot and sweaty and complaining!! And I am getting talk to death by this elderly lady with a NY accent.. Finally the Trolley shows up and we jump on..Whew a blast of AC!! So we ride across town and I talk with my friend again and he says to get off at BB&T when the bus stops there and he will meet me..

So we get to the BB&T and he's not there…But there is a little white bus across the street. So I ask this Lady who got off the trolley when I did if the bus went up by the Safeway..She tells me no it stays straight going the other direction then I needed to go. So I cross the street and what in the hell zooms past me…The white bus!! I could have pulled my hair out and rung that ladys neck!! I swear in my head it must have looked like this ($%^#*&@!!!) I am telling you…So now I have to battle making sure my kids aren't by the road, their holding hands,and that we all look both ways to cross the street..(I am still cussing that lady!!) So we make it to the post office where a old friend of mine who I now cannot stand offers to give us a ride.. At this point I would take a ride from anyone I knew. And he had the right amount of car seats!! Sweetness!! So we are walking to his car cutting through a car space holding my two year old and trying to get my son to walk a little faster when some #&[email protected]%$ lady tries to pull in the spot we are walking through and I know she saw us because we made eye contact so I moved to the side and called her a dumb itch! If you get my drift along with "As if you didn't see us walking there."

So as I am loading my kids in the car she rides by and says something smart…Whew! Wrong day lady…So I stand up and yell after her saying if she was such a women she woulda got out her car and said something in the first place…I'm telling you!! What a day,week, even a year!! But we finally made it to my mothers, whom decided it would be a great idea to tell me I need to figure something out about my car,bills,etc..She made me cry and I made her drive us home….But for some reason I look around my house at the laundry I need to do and cleaning and I get more upset…..

I feel like when will this ever end?? I just wanted a better life than what I had for my children and I feel I'm failing….Miserably!!


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