I was talking to my ex aunt earlier today. She used to be married to my uncle, but obviously they have divorced now. Anyway she's getting married again. I'm happy for her. We've been through a bit together. She was in the psych ward at the same time as I was.. she understands me more than I think anyone else.

She showed me a picture of her wedding dress. There are a few things that I don't like about this dress.

1) she's getting it from Ebay. I personally couldn't by a wedding dress from ebay.. whos to know if something will go wrong, doesn't fit.. a million different things. She says that she only paid $20 for it. Yeah its a bargin, but is it worth the risk?

2) The dress is not nice. Well actually its a lovely dress, but just not something I can imagin her, or anyone else wearing. Maybe a model, or some movie star. Its very extravigant. It has a long train, lots of lace and trim. My aunt is very short, I don't think it will suit her.

But I couldn't tell her this. I just told her it was amazing, and she will look beautiful. Should I have told the truth? i'm not sure. I want her to be happy. This guy that she's marrying in august, she recently broke up with, and that break up nearly lead to her having a complete nervous breakdown. I honestly don't think she should be with this guy. But who am I to not support her? so I will support her.. and when she falls, I'll have to be the one to pick her up.. again..

I told her a tiny bit about whats happening my side. I didn't want to bring her down, so I simply left it at the bare minimum. My problems are insignificant, and I don't want to be raining on anyones parade. She said that i'll get an invite to the wedding. I'm glad cause i would have been devistated if i didn't get an invite.

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  1. lessthanthree 12 years ago

     Ebay can be good for bargain wedding dresses but I see what you mean about sizing etc! I'm so bad with sizes. I guess if you've got a tape measure handy and a guide I'm sure it'll fit! I'm sure the dress will look a lot better in person and hopefully make the bride look even more beautiful 🙂

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