So today wasn't actually to bad. My day begins at 430am every morning and lately I have been getting 4-5 hours of sleep. So unhealthy I know, its like my mind is constantly going. Thinking about bad things, good things, whats going to happen next, and reliving bad memories. I just need a good night sleep! I eat very healthy,moderate excercise, and take vitamins.

Well besides all of that mess, my birthday was actually a nice one. My girl friend wanted to take me out to dinner and have a couple of drinks. I passed on it because I am trying to limit my intake on the beverages. Even though its not a problem, but with the way things have ended up before. Could start to be one. Anyways, I got to actually spend my birthday with my dad, his gf, and his gf's 2 girls. My dad made a fantastic dinner and I got a birthday cake his daughter made. It was super nice. Last year I didnt even celebrate my birthday, was going through a nice seperation from ex husband.

Actually about the x, he called me today because he wanted to know if he could take Mia for the weekend started today. I said sure. Just because he is a good dad and he has the whole weekend off. However, we always meet halfway. SO neither one of us has to travel so far. Well as I was handing Mia to her daddy, she says "I love you big mommy" In which I understood,shes two and I call her a big girl. So she thinks I am a big girl because I do grownup things. Well the x thought she was calling me fat, and says "Yeah she is a big mommy" Do i take ofense to that? No, I told him that I am not fat, actually I am in incrediable shape and I am 5'4 135 lbs. So I ended up saying nothing and giving Ms. Mia kisses and told her I loved her. Obviously he either has some self esteem issues. Or he is tired of his babys momma. Especially since she is almost due, and well lets just say when you break up with someone, your supossed to end up with someone better looking. Did not happen at all. God I must sound like a royal bitch. It is what it is.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, I dont want to feel this way mentally. Its really starting to affect my short term memory as well. Cant remeber anything anymore..


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