What is OCD?  I find myself asking what it is that bothers me.  OCD is the name we have given to our fears and obsessions, but I am still unsure as to what exactly it is and how to deal with it.  I know what it is that I am afraid of.  However, how do I deal with that fear?  What causes these fears?


My OCD started during the worst time of my life.  I was stressed, hopeless, and almost suicidal.  I felt like a failure and that there was no future for me.   I discovered that thinking in a certain way and doing rituals made me feel  better which is where I believe that the OCD started.  The fear of germs was the first to come but that has been replaced by other fears such as AIDS, gaining weight, and rejection.  


Is OCD a biological disease or a behavior?  I have read the studies done on those brains suffering from OCD and how their scans are different from those brains without OCD.  Can it be said that our issue is indeed biological in nature and that we are slaves to our own genes? 


OCD is focused on what we fear the most.  What if decided to challenge those fears for one day despite what the thoughts tell me?  I have tried this before but the result was that I ended up with a headache.  I feel as if I am a prisoner in my own mind with no ability to escape.  This was the first image that came to me when I realized that I had a problem. 


What is OCD?  The answer is will help me and everyone else find the solution to dealing with our fears.


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