so wowo i haven't been on here for aaages.. my new boyfriend is in bed, sleeping after consoling me for liek 2 hours or something stupid.

HE NEVER HIT ME!! i am angry at him for not hitting me, but doing everything except hit me. i wish he had. i really wish he did. at least then i would feel justified for HATING him. FUCK YOU. I just dont know how i let you do that and then tried to love you again. FUUUUUUUCK YOU!! how did i love you?? how do i?? you don't deserve anything i have to give you, not even my HATE, coz it's better than you'll ever be you fucking CUNT. pillows over my face, up against the wall, pushing me down, holding me back so i couldn't move, how did i let you love me? how did i let me love you?? i HATE you so much. fucking going to burn your hat. CUNT.  like you can tell me your fucking 'ALCOHOLISM' is like depression.. fuck you asshole!! you're a dick even when you're sober. of course fucking depression follows you, YOU MAKE YOUR MRS FEEL LIKE FUCKING THE SCUM ON A BOGAN'S FUCKING SHOE!! and fuck you for txtn me on my birthday, like i owe you something you cunt. you're a cock n i hate you. what am i supposed to think when you put a fucking photo of you n the FUCKING chick you know is after you, CUNT.  i hate that you're trying to get to me now, i hate even more that you DO get to me,

and fuck you you stupid fucking whore for hurting him so much. he has had enuf shit in his life bfore you came along n fuckd him up more.. you're fucking lucky i came along.I HATE YOU. next time i see your little arrogant UGLY face i don't know what i'll do.. probably throw up!! LMAO you make me so SICK. i feel sorry for his daughter having a mother like you, honestly its quite sad.

so until next time, ill be a little calmer


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