1:50 PM – Is it seems that nobody cares anymore, there may be a reason.
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People in society are wrapped up in their own sense of well, being, their families, friends, who live in their own communities. To try to reach out to somebody across the nation and internationally may just be a waste of time. Peoples work and school schedules and other obligations are important. It is just that it is so exciting and interesting to meet and talk to others who are new and you don't know yet. Once that happens, people start noticing their differences and start drifting apart from each other. It is the era of self sufficiency, people tend to rely upon themselves alot, and although very admirable, there are so many of us who really want to get to know these dynamic, creative, wonderful people for ourselves, but real life takes a hold of these people and rips apart their potential social connections. I thought I would have a lot of social connections on this site, but I have found it gravely disappointing to depend upon a website to connect people who want to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. The person who said they were your friend last month doesn't even remember your name anymore, and you can't remember what you last talked about. Especially in groups such as gay male groups, we need each other very greatly. Is it still worth getting to know more people, or is it just adding up the number of your friends who may not even read your blogs or even talk to you, or even talk to you once. Could it just be a waste of time? I try to keep in contact by blogs or bulletins, but only very few respond to it. Can humankind be salvaged in this manner, or is it easier to give up and let go of the past? This is a question that we have to think about in order to see if long distance or even short distance chat and relationships are more than superficial hello and goodbyes. There is a lot of substance in people here, and I understand the time constraints, but there must be some people who would be willing to keep in touch somehow, even if it is once a week, once every two weeks, once a month, etc. Somehow it is disheartening to suspect that it will never happen very often, just my thoughts on this issues. Thanks for listening and reading. This is my own thoughts on how I had written and responded to my March 9th blog entry.

Good luck everyone.

Erik Valdez

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  1. Quietgirl 14 years ago

    I feel the same way; it seems like everyone nowadays is too busy and/or preoccupied to form deep, lasting friendships; I do find it disheartening.

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