Dear God,

It amazes me how fast the heart can fall. But one things for sure, God can and will heal the wounded heart, the heart that falls. And it may take some time before you begin to feel like yourself again. O God hear my cry for help. I am crushed and I am broken. And I know that I may not make any sense to other people, but I am not here writing these words to make sense to others. This is my heart pouring out my mind and God is the only one that I want to understand. God yesterday was a very hard day. My neighbor's dads funeral was yesterday and wow I have never seen the Lord move through a funeral room so sweetly. Lord thank you for never allowing me to give up on the lost. There were soo many people there that were sharing their good stories of Dave (Dave is the dad who overdosed leaving 2 daughters behind). God soo many people shared how good of a heart Dave had for others. And yes Dave had his own faults as we all do, but he tried his best. He was a drug addict and an alcoholic, but when he made a choice to surrender his life to you God, things changed. He sobered up and he started to have fire for the life he was given to live and not die. And even though we don't all understand why he overdosed. God you understand. And I don't need to ask why. All I have to know is that God, your will was done, not mine. And some day hopefully all of us will see him in Heaven, one day when you call us home. God I lift up his two daughters, Amy and Rachel. Lord please be with them. I can see how difficult this all is for them. Lord please use these circumstances to bring them into a relationship with you Lord. Lord nothing in this world can give us peace like the peace you give us. Lord help my family and I to continue to shine as a light to this family that is soo torn up inside. God you can do anything. So open up their hearts, so that they can find rest and peace in your word. God be with their thoughts and help them. Mend their broken hearts and contnue to work through their family, that they would find you Lord. I pray all of these things knowing that your will will be done. Love Your Daughter, Rose


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