silly bands,

just another fad,

in today,

and out tomorrow,

just like you,

your attitude,

the whole "i have everything handed to me" attitude,

the whole "i can get any guy i want" attitude,

the whole "i could care less but i really do care its just not cool to care" attitude,

yup seen it all,

many people may believe these attitudes,

but not me,

i can see right through that fake act,

its so obvious,

and as the "cool" attitude changes,

so do you,

you follow the fad,

like when it was "cool" to be the girl who was quiet,

that was you,

then a few months later when it was "cool" to be the girl who was a slut,

that was you,

then when it was "cool" to be the girl who was a brat,

yup that was you,

when it was "cool" to be the emo girl,

yup you even tried that one,

too bad that fads only last a short time,

when people think if you,

they are never sure exactly how to define your personality,

but i sure know how,



cause no one knows the real you they just know you know how to be into a fad,

and while your off doing that,

i will be over here with people that really love me,

and that know the real me,

the quiet,





girl that i am,

and have always been,

not changing with every season,

just staying the same old me,

and im the one with the attitude "oh, i could care less if i was popular as long as im surrounded with people that love me for me and not some fakeperson that changes every season",

yeah thats me,

and while your off with all of your different attitudes,

i know the truth,

when you act like "oh i've had everything handed to me",

i know that ones true,

when you act like "i can get any guy i want",

i know the one you truely want doesnt want you because you change so much they dont even know the real you,

when you act like "i could care less",

yeah the truth is you really do care its just too bad your "friends" dont think its cool to care,


thats what you are,


yup thats you too,

and im just gonna stay me,

while you go and buy more costumes for you act…


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