Hello..out there…it seems as though all I can do is talk to this group…because no matter what no one out here really wants to listen nor does any one really care… I have been married for 25 years…and cannot say it has been marital bliss…because it seems as though every time my wife starts a sentence she says how her life sucks.. She has alienated her self from her kids by being so over bearing…she says that everyone hates her…(When they are only asking how she is…) she says her life sucks when all she has to do is help around the house and be a wife….only she has not been a wife…she has quit every job she has ever had….within about 6 weeks of getting it because they were mean to her…I am currently the only one who has a job and working all the time…there are times when she could go with me yet she won’t ….she has the new car which she is slowly destroying…I have nothing but the old craqp I get from people who want to get rid of an old car…I do not understand I made an appointment for her at the doctors office but she cancelled it…She does not understand that in acutallity the rolls are reversed…she has made my life a living hell…My life actually is the one which is the depressing one…But still I cannot say that to her..I love her yet I am only prolonging the pain for my self at this time…if I tell her to hit the door packing…I feel as though she will only attempt to kill her self…I am in a delema at this time..and do not know how long I will be able to keep this pace up….I was at one time a very positive person…but now I am very neutral…and cannot show much emotion..because of this path I have choosen to stay on…where to go how to feel what to think are the questions in my mind…who am I and why did all of the owrk I have ever done gone by the wayside because she could care less about me only if the check is in the bank so she can continue to buy smokes and games for her computer…I need something to show me that there is a life out there and it is worth going on dispite her sinceless ramblings of self serving jargone…what to do where to go????


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